Life - A Poem

It happened again. Yesterday.
A normal day. Tired, tense, busy,
I left.
The office followed me, shadowed my thoughts.
Raining Oregon hard, and windy. Storming inside, outside my head.
Five minutes to wipe the stress, to become Mom again.

I drove around the corner, glanced up, poured liquid glory through my soul.

Thirty seconds, maybe a minute, faded to salmon and quickly to night.

It's happened before. A rainbow fragment, the flash of daffodil
against mud-brown,
breath of air that burns the lungs...
Something there is that refuses despair,
no matter how strong the current,
how deep the pool.

Last month, in fear, anger, trouble,
every book I touched, every fortune I opened,
every friend's quick hand,
taught anew how strong the longest bonds,
how fleeting the daily trauma.

Open self to life. The Universe is, was, will be.